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Specialists in Offsite Document Storage

Secure Data Management Ltd (SDM) is an independently owned company which specialises in providing offsite document storage to some of the UK’s most well known brands. Based in London and Swindon, we have over 25 years experience in providing a premium offsite document storage service for our clients. Secure Data Management’s services include offsite document storage, scanning and designing archival management systems. Our ethos is to meet our client’s expectations 100% of the time.

About Secure Data Management offsite document storage

What sets us apart?

At Secure Data Management, we work alongside our clients to develop a bespoke solution that is tailored to meet a businesses needs on a case by case basis. Encouraging best practices along with ensuring economic savings for our clients is what we are well known for.

Whatever your specific offsite document storage requirements, we will provide you with a complete business case focusing on how we can improve your current records management function. This will outline a detailed cost analysis of the savings we can make for your company to accompany the comprehensive business solution.

Document Storage Locations

Our London head office is based just a short walk across the river from the heart of the city’s legal and financial districts. The London Bridge facility is perfect for city-based clients with time critical business needs which require immediate and frequent retrieval and updating. This is a very popular service for London based law firms which require immediate access to deeds or live files for important court cases.

We also have three additional state of the art facilities based near Swindon. These storage centres serve the majority of our clients’ the same day and next day file retrieval services that they have grown accustomed to. This base is a continual storage and retrieval hub with a dedicated on-site team, ready to proactively tackle any of our clients’ requests, such as urgent file deliveries and collections. For a full list of the areas served by these data-centres visit our locations page.

From these facilities we can organise emergency document retrievals at a moments notice. Secure Data Management has one of the quickest storage retrieval options in the UK.

Our Storage Specialists

At Secure Data Management we have an active and bustling team of professionals working behind the scenes to consistently meet your document archiving and retrieval requirements. Our employees are fully vetted and hold many years of relevant experience. For more information please visit the Our Team page.


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