Medical Records Storage

Offsite Medical Records Storage

At Secure Data Management (SDM), we discovered that over the past 25 years the majority of medical organisations approached by us are paying 60% more than necessary for their records management requirements. SDM has the expertise to provide the best medical records management system from NHS practices to private medical care homes, whilst keeping costs at a minimum.

SDM understands that the medical sector is one of the strictest in terms of dealing correctly with patients’ confidential data, which is why we offer full comprehensive file audits that keep costs down and protect organisations from breaching mandatory retention policies, unlike many of our competitors.

Retention Policies

It is imperative that organisations are aware of the retention periods of their documents, not only to save costs and space, but also so that they comply with the Data Protection Act. The Department of Health has a Guidance for Access to Health Records Requests, however for a simpler way to find out retention periods look at our report.

The main medical storage periods outlined in the report are:

  • Vaccination Records (for 10 years)
  • Mental Health Reports (for 20 years)
  • Records for Patients under 25 years of age (until the patient reaches 25)
  • GP Files (for 10 years ensuing the patient’s death)
  • Armed Forces Personnel (indefinitely)
  • Criminal Records (indefinitely)

Why store medical records with us?

SDM will perform a full document audit and ensure that every file has its own identifier in the form of an O’Neil barcode. This means that you only store the documents that you need to, and when the time comes to recall certain files we know exactly where they are, making the process cost and time efficient. Our clients also have access to all information through a custom online retrieval portal. These are some of the many reasons why we are excellent for medical records storage.

When considering that many London hospitals store their records onsite at a costly premium, coupled with our free destruction policy, recurrent savings in the region of 60% per annum are easily obtainable.

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