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Secure Data Management (SDM) is one of London and the UK’s leading offsite document storage and records management companies. We have over 25 years experience in giving our clients the necessary peace of mind that they need to help meet their file storage requirements.

Our facilities provide document storage throughout London and the UK from our high security file centres, and if you move to us we guarantee to reduce your storage costs by a minimum of 30%. Total savings can range right up to 60%.

We achieve this through simple, transparent pricing and the goal of continually improving our range of services without inflating storage and retrieval costs.

A document storage solution tailored to you

Based in our London head office and using state-of-the-art document storage facilities, we deliver reliable, efficient and personalised services across a broad range of industry sectors.

Using our bespoke archival management system, SDM’s storage services have been tailored to each of the following sectors:

If are you are currently tied into a service with excessive termination fees and onerous contract terms, SDM can help mitigate these costs. We will perform an audit of your files during relocation with the potential of bringing down those costs even further.

Advanced storage services

Our offsite document storage facilities in and out of London are managed by the O’Neil barcoding system, making our record management and document retrieval efficient and quick compared to other outmoded facilities.

We offer a range of first-rate retrieval options, from standard (next day) to emergency (4 hours), to have complete access your documents.

SDM’s state-of-the-art premises just outside of London are located in an ex Ministry of Defence bombproof warehouse. They provide the very best in security and disaster prevention – such as fire and flood.

As well as being the trusted choice for a number of high profile companies in and around London, we cater for businesses of all sizes and offer simplified ‘easy storage’ options for clients with minimal document archiving requirements.

SDM is the only truly independent document storage company left in London. This enables us to build and maintain a much better client relationship than other storage providers.

Secure Data Management’s ethos is to meet our clients’ expectations 100% of the time.

To reduce your records management costs by up to 60% per annum please fill out our 30 second quote form and we will do our utmost to get in touch the very same day.


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