Google Doodle

Google Commemorates the Mother of all Filing Systems

This August Google celebrated the 147th birthday of Mundaneum co-creator Paul Otlet with one of their signatory Google Doodles, designed by Leon Hong. So why did Google decide to...

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Information Management

Record Management Jobs: What Do They Entail?

In every office there will be an individual, or perhaps individuals, who will be responsible for record keeping and management. This role is not limited to only the...

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File Storage Management

4 Things to Remember When Filing Documents

Filing documents can be mundane and quite frankly rather dull but unfortunately filing is a necessary, and very important part, of any record management and storage routine. It...

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Records Management

Record Keeping Do’s and Don’ts

Record keeping might not be exciting but it certainly is important. Often businesses take administrators for granted, but effective bookkeeping is vital for the smooth operation of every day...

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Financial File Archive

What is Archiving and Why is it Important?

Data archiving is the sort of paperwork jargon that many employees will be confronted with in the workplace. They nod and murmur in agreement when it’s discussed –...

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Lever Arch Files on Shelves

The Value of Archiving Records – Past and Present

The importance of archiving historical records cannot be overestimated. Archives from the past are the most useful and impressive sources we have for navigating and understanding our history, without...

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