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EU Referendum: How Will The UK’s Small Businesses Vote?

The planned EU referendum in June is going to be anything but a straightforward decision for UK businesses, big and small. To begin with, businesses not only have...

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Backup Tapes

Cyber Security Risks Prove Lasting Value of Data Tape Backup

Recent cyber security scares at leading organisations prove that offsite data tape backup is still one of the most effective and secure ways of storing information. As businesses...

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Rural Businesses

Offsite Information Management Systems Boost Rural Businesses

The idyllic English countryside is not always the easiest place to start a business. Whilst the office space might be cheaper and the air cleaner it is not...

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Credit Card Security

Daily Security Awareness Tasks for Remote Working

More of us than ever are working remotely. A recent worldwide survey[1] suggested nearly 80% of employees who produce ideas and information (that is, not goods and services)...

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Enterprise Company

Should The Tech Greats Stay Great?

Last year Facebooks’ value crossed the $200 billion mark, making it worth more than Cocoa-cola, IBM and Intel. In the U.S and Europe Google is an indomitable force...

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Cyber Crime Word Cloud

Sony Becomes a Target of Data Hacking

Another high profile example of data hacking has caught the attention of the world media. This time the victim is Sony (who had the social security numbers of...

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