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Backup Tapes

Cyber Security Risks Prove Lasting Value of Data Tape Backup

Recent cyber security scares at leading organisations prove that offsite data tape backup is still one of the most effective and secure ways of storing information. As businesses...

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Weak Password

Passwords All Employees Should Avoid

Every year the security firm SplashData publishes a list of the most commonly used passwords from users based in America and Western Europe (where large scale data breaches...

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Enterprise Company

Should The Tech Greats Stay Great?

Last year Facebooks’ value crossed the $200 billion mark, making it worth more than Cocoa-cola, IBM and Intel. In the U.S and Europe Google is an indomitable force...

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Cyber Crime Word Cloud

Sony Becomes a Target of Data Hacking

Another high profile example of data hacking has caught the attention of the world media. This time the victim is Sony (who had the social security numbers of...

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Person Coding on a Laptop

Terrorism & Data Security – Silicon Valley vs. GCHQ

Terrorists are no longer just spreading their message through violence and hate crime, now terrorists are able to remotely transmit their messages with the help of social media,...

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Cloud Storage Flowchart

What is the Cloud & What Can It Do For Your Business?

Many of us have probably heard of the term cloud computing perhaps even used it ourselves without really knowing what it means. This may seem a bit bizarre...

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