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Landmark Ruling in Employee Data Privacy Case

The European Court of Human Rights recently presided over a landmark case that has changed the rules when it comes to employee data privacy in the workplace. The...

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You've Been Hacked

Beware of the Hacktivists: BBC Site Taken Down by Hacktivist Group

The BBC had its’ website hacked on New Years Eve by a hacker group calling itself New World Hacking, which is based in the US. The site was...

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The Ever Evolving Threats to Data Security

It has recently been revealed that spam emails are now on the decline and we can expect fewer of them to come our way in the future. The...

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Hacker in digital code

Data Privacy Under Threat: Teen Hacker Responsible for over 50,000 Breaches

A teenager from Finland has been convicted for over 50,000 computer breaches this week, most of which he undertook when he was only 15 and 16. The teen, Julius...

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Watchdog Urges UK to Change Data Security Policy

It was reported this week that a UK terror watchdog believes law enforcement in the UK need more powers when it comes to monitoring online activity. They have suggested...

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Confidential Lawyer-Client Communications Endangered

MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are under the spotlight again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. It was revealed that UK intelligence agencies have been intercepting ‘private’ lawyer-client communications,...

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