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New UK Internet Surveillance Measures Unveiled

The Home Secretary Theresa May has introduced new plans that are expected to ramp up internet surveillance in the UK with the aim of enhancing national security. The...

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Terrorism & Data Security – Silicon Valley vs. GCHQ

Terrorists are no longer just spreading their message through violence and hate crime, now terrorists are able to remotely transmit their messages with the help of social media,...

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The Financial Sector’s Battle with Cyber Crime

The World Federation of Exchanges has recently announced plans for the creation of a cyber-security committee, The Cyber Security Working Group, which will be chaired by Mark Graff,...

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The Road to Data Protection Reforms

In 1995 the European Union first implemented data protection regulations for its 15 Member States. Now 18 years later, with EU membership totalling 28 countries, the European Commission...

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