data tape

Backup Tapes

Cyber Security Risks Prove Lasting Value of Data Tape Backup

Recent cyber security scares at leading organisations prove that offsite data tape backup is still one of the most effective and secure ways of storing information. As businesses...

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Data Security

What is Data Security?

Some businesses will use the reassuring words ‘data security’ with their clients and investors without really understanding what it is or how it can be achieved. An understanding...

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Hacker in digital code

Data Storage Breaches are a Major Business Threat in 2015

Businesses are constantly under threat. They are normally unpredictable but are nonetheless always there. Every business should therefore be vigilant when it comes to implementing a business continuity strategy. All businesses...

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Office Scanner

Should You Use A Scanning Bureau Or Do It Yourself?

The word digitisation in itself  can be quite daunting and certainly it is a word that has close associations with the unknown in the minds of many. However,...

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