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Content Management System

A Content Management System that Proves Paper is Sticking Around

At a recent technology, entertainment and design conference in Vancouver Arrigo Berni, the chief executive of notebook distributor Moleskine, told the audience: “Paper will always be around. It...

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Hacker in digital code

Data Privacy Under Threat: Teen Hacker Responsible for over 50,000 Breaches

A teenager from Finland has been convicted for over 50,000 computer breaches this week, most of which he undertook when he was only 15 and 16. The teen, Julius...

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Information Management

Legal Sector Needs Effective Information Management Strategy

Lawyers deal with an incredibly high volume of documents on a day to day basis. Each case will have its own paperwork and files, usually containing confidential and...

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Office Scanner

Should You Use A Scanning Bureau Or Do It Yourself?

The word digitisation in itself  can be quite daunting and certainly it is a word that has close associations with the unknown in the minds of many. However,...

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Long Wheel Based Transit Van

4 Common Offsite Storage Misunderstandings

Many companies will often have a number of concerns when faced with the prospect of moving their documents offsite. This is to be expected as companies are likely...

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Shredded Paper on white background

How To Safely Destroy Your Confidential Documents

Unnecessary pieces of paper lying around the office are a nuisance for any company, taking up valuable office space and creating a disorganised office environment. However, some organisations...

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