document digitization

Drowning In Documents

6 Reasons To Go Paperless & How To Do It

Since the late 20th century, digital technology has gradually and seamlessly integrated into our lives. With few exceptions, we’ve made the switch from analogue to digital. Digital documents...

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Records Management

Is It Time For A Records Information Management Overhaul?

It is important that a records information management (RIM) system is regularly updated in order for it to remain effective. After all a business is always changing, not...

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Three Dimensional Model

Will this be the Year for 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is the process of taking an object and transferring it into a 3D digital format. There are now a whole range of 3D scanners available to...

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Office Scanner

Why Employees Avoid Photocopying At Work

In the digital age most everyday business operations are instantaneous. It takes seconds to send an email or video call a colleague. It takes seconds for high volumes of...

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Content Management System

A Content Management System that Proves Paper is Sticking Around

At a recent technology, entertainment and design conference in Vancouver Arrigo Berni, the chief executive of notebook distributor Moleskine, told the audience: “Paper will always be around. It...

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Information Management

Legal Sector Needs Effective Information Management Strategy

Lawyers deal with an incredibly high volume of documents on a day to day basis. Each case will have its own paperwork and files, usually containing confidential and...

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