employee productivity

Credit Card Security

Daily Security Awareness Tasks for Remote Working

More of us than ever are working remotely. A recent worldwide survey[1] suggested nearly 80% of employees who produce ideas and information (that is, not goods and services)...

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Records Management

What Makes a Reliable Records Management Policy?

Every business is different and should therefore implement a bespoke and reliable records management policy that suits specific administrative needs. Most importantly, every business should incorporate a record management policy that is internally understood and leaves no...

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RFID Barcode Scanner

RFID Technology: The Future of Our Offices?

Whilst most of us are still getting to grips with touch screens, some businesses are taking technology in the workplace to another place altogether; an office block in...

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Clear Meeting Room Desk

The Advantages of a Clear Desk Policy

The clear desk policy is a tried and tested method of keeping offices organised and information secure. Organisations who implement clear desk policies are frequently satisfied with the...

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Spacious Office

Office Space: The 3 Hidden Costs of Storing Files Locally

This week it was revealed that on average real estate is now being sold for £16,251 more than a year ago and in London seller asking prices have...

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Enterprise Company

Working From Home – Advantages & Disadvantages

Many employees today are discovering the advantages of working from home, also known as teleworking and remote working.  Not surprisingly, the number of those working from home is...

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