EU Flag

EU Referendum: How Will The UK’s Small Businesses Vote?

The planned EU referendum in June is going to be anything but a straightforward decision for UK businesses, big and small. To begin with, businesses not only have...

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Taxes Wordcloud

Tech Giant Google to Pay its’ Dues to HMRC

Google is to pay £130 million in tax to Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs after a six year investigation into the tech giant’s financial practices, conducted by UK...

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Black Friday

Black Friday: A Profitable Business Model for Retailers?

It would seem shoppers have not forgotten the scenes of carnage from last years Black Friday sales. Images of shoppers wrestling over plasma screen TVs and hoovers were...

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Cyber Crime Word Cloud

The Financial Sector’s Battle with Cyber Crime

The World Federation of Exchanges has recently announced plans for the creation of a cyber-security committee, The Cyber Security Working Group, which will be chaired by Mark Graff,...

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