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Information Management

Record Management Jobs: What Do They Entail?

In every office there will be an individual, or perhaps individuals, who will be responsible for record keeping and management. This role is not limited to only the...

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Airplane London

Heathrow Hang-Ups: Environmental Data Frustrates UK Businesses

The UK government has once again postponed the decision whether to expand Heathrow airport. A decision on whether to give Heathrow its’ much awaited third runway was supposed to be announced...

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Records Management

What Makes a Reliable Records Management Policy?

Every business is different and should therefore implement a bespoke and reliable records management policy that suits specific administrative needs. Most importantly, every business should incorporate a record management policy that is internally understood and leaves no...

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5 Reasons To Use A Professional File Shredding Service

When it comes to records management some businesses forget that in order to remain compliant their confidential documents should not only be safely stored, but also safely destroyed. Document...

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Lever Arch Files on Shelves

Cheap Office Storage Solutions: How to Reduce Business Overheads

In the past decade office space has become increasingly costly. This is especially true in London, where office rents rose by 4% in 2014 due an increase in demand....

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Clear Meeting Room Desk

The Advantages of a Clear Desk Policy

The clear desk policy is a tried and tested method of keeping offices organised and information secure. Organisations who implement clear desk policies are frequently satisfied with the...

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