offsite data storage

Records Management

Why Businesses Choose Remote Storage over In-House Document Storage

In-house document storage is becoming less popular with businesses in the UK as decision makers at every level place increasing importance on the value and safety of their information. It’s...

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Rural Businesses

Offsite Information Management Systems Boost Rural Businesses

The idyllic English countryside is not always the easiest place to start a business. Whilst the office space might be cheaper and the air cleaner it is not...

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Data Security

What is Data Security?

Some businesses will use the reassuring words ‘data security’ with their clients and investors without really understanding what it is or how it can be achieved. An understanding...

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Office Scanner

Offsite Scanning Services: Document Digitization Made Easy

As most businesses look to expand their presence online and choose to carry out business operations digitally, finding ways to achieve effective document digitisation has never been so important. Businesses are now...

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Lever Arch Files on Shelves

Cheap Office Storage Solutions: How to Reduce Business Overheads

In the past decade office space has become increasingly costly. This is especially true in London, where office rents rose by 4% in 2014 due an increase in demand....

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Hacker in digital code

Data Storage Breaches are a Major Business Threat in 2015

Businesses are constantly under threat. They are normally unpredictable but are nonetheless always there. Every business should therefore be vigilant when it comes to implementing a business continuity strategy. All businesses...

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