Get your records in order

The Archive Account Switch Guarantee makes switching your archive's from your current provider simple and stress-free.
The service reduces your annual costs and is the first major step in reducing your archive.

The Switch Service

Free Destruction of your archives
Full Termination Fee Refund
Free Box Audit
Free Relocation

Why Switch Provider?

Start storing only what you need to keep.

Our switch service will ensure your files are all audited and subsequently organised with retention schedules. Any files we come across that are no longer required can be destroyed.

Additionally, if you are eligible for the Switch Guarantee, we offer to pay your termination charges and relocate you free of charge.

Thereafter, the archiving cost to your business will be greatly reduced.

"We have reduced our archive by 45% in the first year, after the audit found many files past their retention dates"

Paul Smith - Google Inc