Two ways we help improve your archives
Two ways we offer financial support

How we help improve your archive

Full Box Audit

Companies often find that they have unidentified boxes. Without sufficient information, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to recall the boxes and investigate what information is contained in each box. Secure Data Management offers a free box audit as part of our relocation package that identifies any gaps in your inventory and any boxes that are past their review/retention date.

Free Destruction

Destruction charges discourage companies to comply with data protection laws. These charges incentivise the number of records in storage to grow. Secure Data Management allow any record to be destroyed free of charge within the first year, allowing you to get your house in order. We have found that on average we have reduced client’s archives by 25% based on the last 10 clients we have relocated. Additionally, any record that has been with us for 6 years can be destroyed for free.

How we offer financial support

Termination Fee Refund

The dreaded termination fees. These are designed to prevent clients from switching accounts and often companies stay with their incumbent just to avoid dealing with them. Secure Data Management offers a full termination refund. You simply send off for a termination quote with your incumbent, we help you review the quote, then you raise an invoice to Secure Data Management to pay the amount in full.

Free Relocation

Relocation charges are charged per box and per truck, with any supplies that are used. Secure Data Management offers a free relocation by paying for all the supplies and transport with our internal relocation team arranging the whole move.

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