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The Top 5 Benefits of Effective Records Management for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business environment where we increasingly work with more data and documents, keeping track of your company’s records is more crucial than ever. Efficient records management...

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International Womens Day 2020

3 Brilliant Women That Inspire Us Every Day

Mother Theresa. Billie Jean King. Coco Chanel. Benazir Bhutto. Michelle Obama. Madonna. Florence Nightingale. Beyonce. Virginia Woolf. Indira Gandhi. Harriet Tubman. Yoko Ono. Jane Austen. Emma Watson. Kathryn...

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Male Businessman Suffering From Neck Pain At His Desk

Office Ergonomics: The Basics (2020)

We spend most of our working day at our desks – interspersed with breaks, meetings and running errands. As such, it’s important that our workstations support our work....

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Stress & Burnout In The Workplace

Stress and Burnout In The Workplace

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, with work being one of the biggest stressors. Today’s culture places enormous weight on productivity – and many of us have...

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Work Life Balance Explained

Work-Life Balance: The Basics (2019)

We spend a significant chunk of our week at work. That’s before factoring in the time spent outside work hours answering emails and thinking about that work problem. Before you know it,...

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Drowning In Documents

6 Reasons To Go Paperless & How To Do It

Since the late 20th century, digital technology has gradually and seamlessly integrated into our lives. With few exceptions, we’ve made the switch from analogue to digital. Digital documents...

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