Work Life Balance Explained

Work-Life Balance: The Basics (2019)

We spend a significant chunk of our week at work. That’s before factoring in the time spent outside work hours answering emails and thinking about that work problem. Before you know it,...

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Drowning In Documents

6 Reasons To Go Paperless & How To Do It

Since the late 20th century, digital technology has gradually and seamlessly integrated into our lives. With few exceptions, we’ve made the switch from analogue to digital. Digital documents...

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GDPR – Being Compliant with Secure Data

  With the new regulations not far away we thought we’d take a look at what they are, and what needs to be done to be compliant.  What...

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Records Management

Why Businesses Choose Remote Storage over In-House Document Storage

In-house document storage is becoming less popular with businesses in the UK as decision makers at every level place increasing importance on the value and safety of their information. It’s...

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Data Protection Word Cloud

Which Sectors are Most At Risk of An Information Management Disaster?

Every organisation has areas of risk, but some risks to information are more universal than others. For example human error is an information risk that could lead any kind...

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Google Doodle

Google Commemorates the Mother of all Filing Systems

This August Google celebrated the 147th birthday of Mundaneum co-creator Paul Otlet with one of their signatory Google Doodles, designed by Leon Hong. So why did Google decide to...

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