Preparing to Switch

Five quick and easy steps.

Get Started

Your time taken: 10 Minutes

Gather Invoices

Records management companies make invoices very difficult to interpret. By sending us a copy of a recent invoice from your current supplier(s), we can convert the information into a standard format meaning cost comparison can be easily made.
We'll analyse your invoices, determine your current costs and put the data into our Cost Saving Analysis Spreadsheet. This will detail the savings you can make over a 5 year period, on both storage and service costs.

Your time taken: 45 Minutes


In setting up a 45 minute meeting, we'd be able to elaborate on the findings of our Cost Saving Analysis, and the impact this would have for you. We'd also look to understand your current archiving processes and establish some destruction targets and how to reduce your archive over the long term.

Your time taken: 10 Minutes

Termination request

Next, we'd ask you to email your current provider for a termination quote. This will not terminate your account, instead this will force your provider to show the terms of their contract with you.
We highly recommend sending the termination quote(s) over to us when you receive it. We can analysis and tailor a response for you, thus avoiding any costly mistakes.

Your time taken: None


If you come to the decision that the switch guarantee is right for you, we'll handle the relocation of all your boxes, from your current provider(s) to our secure facilities. You shouldn't be daunted by the process, as we'll handle all aspects of it. Relocation will be swift and simple.

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