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A Guide To Records Retention And Disposal By Industry

Why spend precious time and money storing unnecessary documents? Your office may be filled with hard copy papers that are taking up room which could otherwise be utilised...

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Document Imaging Costs and Considerations

With escalating real estate prices throughout the UK—and particularly in London—countless businesses in and around the city are considering professional document scanning as a viable alternative to on-site...

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What Are The Biggest Threats To Your Personal Information?

Keeping your personal information secure is an important issue. With unscrupulous individuals, you can never be too careful when it comes to highly sensitive documents. Whether it’s in...

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How To Create More Office Space

Space really is the final frontier for many businesses. With the cost of every square foot rising each year, companies are looking to get more creative with their...

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How Are Storage Quotes Calculated?

If you’re considering a document management service for your business, you may well be wondering how the storage quotes and costs are calculated. So, here’s a quick guide to...

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Which Document Storage Companies Excel?

When it comes to document storage companies there are a myriad to choose from. Each have their own unique history, standards and pricing models. Some offer the most...

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