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Information Management

Record Management Jobs: What Do They Entail?

In every office there will be an individual, or perhaps individuals, who will be responsible for record keeping and management. This role is not limited to only the...

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File Storage Management

4 Things to Remember When Filing Documents

Filing documents can be mundane and quite frankly rather dull but unfortunately filing is a necessary, and very important part, of any record management and storage routine. It...

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Long Wheel Based Transit Van

Top Locations for Offsite Storage

Offsite storage is a service that is utilised nationwide. This demand has led to a dramatic increase in offsite storage facilities in every region of the UK. However,...

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Data Protection Word Cloud

Landmark Ruling in Employee Data Privacy Case

The European Court of Human Rights recently presided over a landmark case that has changed the rules when it comes to employee data privacy in the workplace. The...

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Weak Password

Passwords All Employees Should Avoid

Every year the security firm SplashData publishes a list of the most commonly used passwords from users based in America and Western Europe (where large scale data breaches...

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Records Management

Record Keeping Do’s and Don’ts

Record keeping might not be exciting but it certainly is important. Often businesses take administrators for granted, but effective bookkeeping is vital for the smooth operation of every day...

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