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Taxes Wordcloud

Tech Giant Google to Pay its’ Dues to HMRC

Google is to pay £130 million in tax to Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs after a six year investigation into the tech giant’s financial practices, conducted by UK...

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Three Dimensional Model

Will this be the Year for 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is the process of taking an object and transferring it into a 3D digital format. There are now a whole range of 3D scanners available to...

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Office Scanner

Why Employees Avoid Photocopying At Work

In the digital age most everyday business operations are instantaneous. It takes seconds to send an email or video call a colleague. It takes seconds for high volumes of...

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Railway Station Clock

2016 Rail Fare Rises: Bad News for Commuters

Rail fare rises are frequently disguised as being a good thing, by both government officials and rail operators. Commuters are often told that the rises will go towards...

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Storage Boxes on Racking

5 Questions Every Business Should Ask their Offsite Storage Provider

When a business is starting a partnership with an offsite storage provider there will be certain questions they will be wanting to ask. These questions will vary from...

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You've Been Hacked

Beware of the Hacktivists: BBC Site Taken Down by Hacktivist Group

The BBC had its’ website hacked on New Years Eve by a hacker group calling itself New World Hacking, which is based in the US. The site was...

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