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Which Document Storage Companies Excel?

by securedatamgt | 04 Apr 2013

Document Storage Boxes

When it comes to document storage companies there are a myriad to choose from. Each have their own unique history, standards and pricing models. Some offer the most outstanding rates for your boxes, whereas others claim premium solutions beyond the pale of a typical document management practice. The process of choosing a document storage company can be a perplexing one. To help, we have outlined some some key considerations below.

When Does A Document Storage Company “Excel”?

Although traditionally not a particularly transparent industry, assessing the quality of records management companies contending for your business can be broken down into a few straightforward components. These should be assessed with relative importance, but in line with your individual scenario. Try to take an objective standpoint, with the following questions in mind, and let the document management company provide the subjective, bespoke solution for each.

Some criteria that you should keep in mind are:

  • What is their history and what have they accomplished in that time?
  • Is their retention and audit policy thorough, accurate and economic?
  • Who are their current clients – ask for testimonials!
  • Are their response and retrieval times impressive?
  • Do they offer equivalent services to small and large businesses?
  • Are their security measures strictly enforced?
  • Is their investment in new technology substantial?
  • Is their service dedicated and personalised?
  • Do they offer customised solutions to diverse industry sectors?
  • Can they back up their claims with verified case studies?

It is worth noting that this shouldn’t have to come at a huge outlay. Take a look at our recommendations for reducing your records management costs if you are already with a file storage provider. A frequent benchmarking exercise will keep you informed with current document storage pricing as well as standard service levels that you should expect. Equally, price should by no means be the only factor in this decision. We are strong supporters of premium records management solutions to enhance your corporate functions. Always look to a document storage company that excels in their overall approach, resources, innovation and added value.

Put these points to action

The bullets above should act as a supplier checklist. Even if benchmarking existing arrangements, it may be worth adjusting your perspective and incorporating these points into your questioning. A reputable document storage company should be able to confidently answer them, and thus demonstrate their added value and ability to excel.