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Will & Deed Storage in London

Never worry about losing or damaging records with our specialist deed storage facility in London.

Archive File

Critical documents like wills and deeds require a highly secure storage environment. They should also be easily accessible for amendments or undertakings by the executors. Secure Data Management offers a highly secure facility with the benefits of storing your wills locally. Our London Battersea location is just 15 minutes from the heart of the city.

Specialist Will Storage Facility

We store wills and deeds for high-profile legal, insurance, property and financial companies based in and around the capital from our London facility. Our fireproof storage vaults are purpose made. For more information, click here

High Security Will Storage

London Storage Facility

Storing your wills, deeds or any other records at our London headquarters ensures that your files are more accessible, allowing you to deliver a superior service to your clients. Our London facility is located right next to the financial and business centre of the city, the perfect location for any business seeking an efficient and secure document retrieval service.

Same-day Document Retrieval Company

Rapid 3-Hr Retrieval Option

We know that a rapid retrieval service is desirable for any business in the city of London. This is why we offer a 3-hour will and deed retrieval service for our clients who need quick access to files stored in our London facility. Our fleet of GPS tracked vans are always on standby to deliver your records. Not in London? We can even scan them back to you.

Barcoded Will and Deed Storage

Barcoded Storage Service

Robust security measures are essential for long-term storage. Store your clients’ records in one of our secure offsite facilities, all of which guarantee 24-hour video surveillance, gated security and disaster protection systems. Our barcode technology tracks every box, file, deed or will stored, enabling us to quickly retrieve your records at short notice.

Storing your wills and deeds locally gives you the best of both worlds; your files will not only be reachable but also safe from theft and environmental damage. At Secure Data Management we offer a 2 hour turn around service whilst most of our competitors are only able to offer a 48 hour turn around.

It is likely that your business will store high volumes of wills or deeds. A local vendor like ours has been carefully designed to help you manage high volumes of files, and so we also provide our clients with efficient high volume destruction and scanning services.

Wills and deeds are likely to be the most sensitive kind of document your company handles. These documents in particular are vulnerable to third party infiltration and become redundant when damaged which is why we highly recommend offsite document storage for these files.

These are legal documents that need to be kept safe for long periods of time. We store files in environmentally controlled vaults which are fire and flood proof. These files will have long retention periods and will need to be stored in carefully controlled conditions for possibly decades.

You can perform an initial audit of your files from our London headquarters before your documents are sent out to one of our secure facilities. Here you can organise your documents without disturbing your office environment.

Offices can be chaotic places at the best of times so at Secure Data Management we give you the option of auditing your files in a location where you needn’t worry about files going missing. Importantly you can audit documents at your own pace.

Deed Storage Options

With our quick recovery service have peace of mind when it comes to fulfilling your clients’ deed retrieval requests. If your client needs to make an alteration to a deed, we can get that deed to you within 3 hours, or offer you a scan-back service. Get a free quote today and discover how the service we provide can improve your own.

Will Storage Options

It is likely your business will have to hold onto numerous copies of wills. Therefore, with such a high volume of records to look after it is strongly recommended that you store these wills at a facility which offers flexible contracts. At Secure Data Management we offer more competitive rates for longstanding clients.