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IT Asset Disposal

Protect your information and ensure compliance with a fully accredited off-site shredding service

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All businesses, small and large need to have procedures in place to protect themselves and for the disposal of hard drives and other physical data media objects such as tapes, CD's and magnetic data carriers.

A secure disposal of your IT assets is important to protect client data, business information, digital assets and intellectual property from breaches. Securely destroying these assets is a part of corporate security that every organisation needs to undertake, storage devices such as hard drives that hold sensitive information need to be securely disposed of as part of GDPR.

Secure Data Management will pick up your IT storage devices, one of our vetted drivers will securely transport your data in a GPS-tracked vehicle to one of our facilities where it will then undergo safe and secure destruction.

Upon completion, you will receive a destruction certificate.

Benefits of Securely Destroying Data

Office Shredding Bins
Safety and Security
Our teams follow a strict protocol to ensure that your data is never compromised.

Your data remains secure up until it is destroyed - Secure Data Management's vehicles and facilities are monitored 24/7 by a state of the art security system, keeping your confidential data safe.
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Cost Efficient
As a multifunctional destruction facility, Secure Data Management can destroy your confidential media data and simultaneously collect your paper waste for confidential shredding.

Optimise your destruction requirements by scheduling periodic collections of your media data and paper waste.
Next Day Destruction Service
Reliable & Next-Day Collection
Ad-hoc or regular scheduled services provide businesses with a dependable destruction solution for their data media devices.

Simply place your collection order online before 4pm and one of our vetted drivers will collect your media data for destruction the next working day.
Secure Data Mgt securely destroys media files of the following standards:
  • Hard Drive Disks (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) & External Hard Drives
  • Optical Data Carriers (CDs & DVDs)
  • Copier Hard Drives
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Magnetic Data Carriers (Floppy Disks, Magnetic Tapes, Cassettes & ID Cards)
  • Electronic Data Carriers (Mobile Phones, USB Sticks & SIM cards)
Our operations centre is located in Battersea and is ideal for rapid access to all London based offices. All facilities are equipped with the latest security, fire and data protection technology. We manage a further three facilities in the Swindon area. All of our facilities are guarded by 24-hour security and video surveillance systems, ensuring that your media files stay confidential and secure, right up until they are securely destroyed.

Start A Retention Schedule

As outlined in Principle 5 of the Data Protection Act, businesses are required to review the amount of time they keep personal data. A time-based retention and destruction schedule will ensure that your business complies with this legislation to avoid hefty fines of up to £500,000.

Get A Media Destruction Quote

With over 25 years of experience in this industry, we are experts at the storage, management and destruction of business data and information. We can help you in every aspect of your document management needs, including a reliable and cost-effective destruction service. Get in touch for a quote