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Offsite Tape Storage

Secure offsite data backup & delivery. Fireproof tape & media vaults.

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Offsite tape vaulting ensures first-class disaster protection processes for your business with minimal effort. Physical movements, barcode tracking and detailed audit trails are taken care of for you. Storing your backup media offsite increases data security, enforces appropriate retention and improves environmental protection. Secure Data Management deliver magnetic backup tapes to offices in the capital within 3-hours from our data storage facility in London.

Offsite Tape, Data & Media Storage Services

Our friendly drivers will collect, log and transfer your backup media with the utmost care. Your articles are barcode tracked throughout their lifecycle, eliminating the risk of data loss.

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Tape Rotation & Management

Some of our clients opt to rotate a set amount of tapes each day, week or month at scheduled timeslots – morning or afternoon. The most straightforward rotation is to swap a PELI case with the media remaining locked in this box when offsite. We can perform this rotation service for a set monthly charge, without any hidden fees or surcharges for petrol, congestion or waiting.

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Fire-Proof Data Tape Vaulting

Looking for a higher level of security? Rather than storing in secure archive conditions you could instead choose individually managed tape storage in our robust, fire-proof vaults. These safes boast a 4-hour fire rating in a storage facility linked to emergency services and monitored by 24/7 CCTV. Our tape archivists are ready to fulfil any account management or delivery requests you may have.

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Disaster Recovery & Backup

Data backup is key for business continuity in the event of a disaster. Secure Data offer London offices emergency retrieval in under 3-hours. If disaster were to strike your backups would be safest removed at our offsite facility, ensuring critical data loss is avoided. Guarantee that your business won’t grind to a halt if disaster hits – use our secure tape storage and data recovery services.

Your data tapes will be monitored by our professional onsite team from the moment of collection until destruction. One of our fully vetted team members will collect and exchange tapes at times suited to you. Our software maintains a detailed audit trail so we know exactly where your tapes are 24/7.

You needn’t worry about the technicalities of data tape rotation as our staff will be there to inform and help you every step of the way. On top of this we also offer a destruction service for electronic records of varied formats, including: hard drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs, media tapes and film reels.

If your charges double, in the form of dual transport fees (one charge for delivery, plus another for collection on the same run), then you are paying at least double what you would be with SDM. The principle is the same for two-way handling charges for boxes.

Your records management company should have transparent pricing without these compounded surcharges. Our combination of high service levels and attainable savings will allow you to achieve a more organised records management process within your company whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Our individually managed tape vaults offer the greatest protection for your data. Tape-based storage media is incredibly sensitive to environmental factors, and can be easily damaged by dust and water. Many organisations have lost irreplaceable data as a consequence of poor storage conditions.

Our fire-proof storage vaults contain individually lockable draws, meaning your data is highly secure, safely offsite and environmentally protected with a fully managed retrieval/rotation service. We can provide tape barcodes or use any existing ones you are already working with.

Disaster Recovery Planning

43% of companies that have the misfortune of experiencing a disaster never recover, which is why we strongly advise that businesses store copies of their data in a secure offsite storage facility. We can provide disaster protection consultancy. Get in touch for more information.

Offsite Tape Storage Costs

At Secure Data Management our services are clearly and competitively priced. Our offsite tape storage service is no exception. We provide an efficient data storage, backup and retrieval service at competitive rates, free from hidden charges. Get in touch for a tailored quote.