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Ergonomics In The Workplace

by securedatamgt | 29 Apr 2014

Spacious Office

What Is Ergonomics?

A spacious environment in the office has been proven through the study of ergonomics to increase employee productivity. Ergonomic theory when applied to the office can have exceedingly positive results and ergonomic equipment is now readily available from most office suppliers.

Ergonomic furniture is tailored to the needs of the individual, making an employee more comfortable in the workplace.Following the rules of ergonomic theory can have many health benefits for employees in the workplace, especially those who spend hours on end at their desks. Studies have proven that this can lead to a host of health problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and strained eye sight.

Ergonomic theory put into practice is also able to create a more efficient workplace, as a spacious and clean office space is recommended. A disorganised and cluttered office has been proven to decrease employee productivity and motivation.

The Art of Feng Shui

Ergonomic theory is closely related to the Chinese philosophy of feng shui which literally translates as ‘wind and water’.

Feng shui is the concept that a pleasant environment can create positive human energy and that a spacious environment is most preferable. The theory may be 3000 years old but it is still relevant in the modern office environment. It is still applied today in every one out of four Singapore offices, whilst the Philippines based BPITrade started the New Year with a Feng Shui market forecast.

Feng shui in principle can be applied to both outdoor and indoor spaces. Feng shui in an indoor environment can easily be achieved and many businesses in China design interior office spaces with the aphorisms of Feng Shui in mind.

A few simple steps to achieving feng shui in the office include:

  • Remove any sharp objects from your desk.
  • Keep plants on your desk.
  • Chose a chair for your desk that is comfortable.
  • Have your desk facing out into a room and not facing a window.
  • Take short breaks to improve focus.
  • Organise and remove clutter from your desk.
  • Old files and documents should be out of sight.

Offsite Document Storage: A Modern Solution for an Ancient Theory

In the current economic climate ergonomic theory has become more popular than ever.

Companies are attempting to scale down the size of their offices in order to reduce leasing costs and are trying to make the most of the office space that they have. Reducing office size tends to lead to a more cluttered workplace as there becomes less room for effective records management. Moving your documents offsite means your company can downscale without worrying about mismanagement.

Feng shui forwards the belief that old documents and files are reminders of the past. These reminders of the past allegedly hold you back from advancing forward in your career. Therefore, a vital part of feng shui is the removal of objects. The physical action of displacing an object is supposed to catalyse the production of positive energy.

Evidently, not all offices are going to be inclined to remove or store away files on this belief. However, removing your files offsite to either be destroyed or stored has plenty of other benefits that complement both feng shui and ergonomic theory.

To learn more about the benefits of offsite document storage check out our blog: 7 reasons why you should consider an offsite storage vendor

Benefits of Offsite Storage and File Destruction

Advantages such as a more spacious and organised office environment directly contribute to feng shui and ergonomic theory. Fortunately, there are other practical benefits for moving and destroying your files offsite. Advantages of outsourcing your records management include:

  • Improved security for your confidential files.
  • Protection from environmental damage and theft.
  • Efficient file retrieval and accessibility.
  • A full auditing service.
  • Guaranteed compliance with legal formalities.
  • Cost effective.
  • Proper destruction of sensitive files.

Feng shui has become an incentive for offices, particularly in Asia, to scan their files. Office imaging is an effective way of invoking feng shui maxims and creating additional space in the office. Outsourcing your documents to a record management company enables you to digitise high volumes of documents and have these copies securely stored offsite.

The modern office is sadly no place for wind chimes and yin yang ornaments. However, every modern office requires storage space for its documents and files. Advocate of these theories or not, outsourcing documents for destruction and storage can have practical benefits that Chinese prophets 3000 years ago could never have foretold.