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London Storage Companies: The New Capital of Offsite Storage

by securedatamgt | 27 Apr 2015

Storage Boxes on Racking

The offsite storage business in London is taking off as more businesses come to the city looking to expand.

Many are choosing  the helping hand of an offsite storage facility to make those ambitious plans a reality.

As the capital’s economy continues to deliver sizeable returns businesses are swarming to the city only to find that they are unable to afford the cost of maintaining a base in the capital.

With real estate costs only set to increase this unfortunately is a reality that most businesses are going to have to put up with.

Consequently many businesses are spending more money on keeping their office space than on their employees and clients, which is frustrating for any company that is looking to expand.

With the rise of low cost document storage companies businesses no longer have to worry about paying for eye-wateringly expensive office space.

With an offsite storage partnership businesses are able to move some of their office clutter offsite which means that they no longer have to pay for the space they don’t need.

This had led to the establishment of a burgeoning offsite storage market in London as storage companies look to compete for clients based in the capital.

The offsite storage business is now more competitive than ever  in the London area as offsite companies become better acquainted with the everday challenges London based organisations now face.

Offsite facilities now aim to provide each of their clients with a first rate partnership, knowing that there are a growing number of businesses seeking out their services.

Why Londoners Chose Offsite Document Storage

As well as helping with real estate costs offsite storage facilities can help London based businesses:

  • Advance their green credentials
  • Implement an effective record management program
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Save money on document storage and administration
  • Improve efficiency in everyday tasks
  • Expand their business operations
  • Enhance their clients and employees security/privacy

Whilst most of these benefits are likely to attractive to businesses universally some are probably going to be more advantageous than others depending on where a company in based.

London businesses in particularly are under pressure to become more environmentally friendly as the city continues to implement eco-friendly schemes.

With low carbon buildings springing up everywhere around the Thames and green spaces making up 40% of the city (the highest percentage of any European city), London is certainly leading the way when its comes to green initiatives.

Clients and investors now expect businesses to catch up which isn’t always easy, especially for startups that are still focusing on achieving steady streams of revenue.

Offsite storage providers can save businesses money and help them get those all important green credentials by recycling all the documents it securely destroys for its clients.

London businesses are increasingly becoming concerned about issues related to information security as cyber attacks and information security breaches continue to feature on news bulletins.

London based companies are at just as much risk of information security breaches as any other business in the U.K.

Many digital firms are now relocating out of the city which means that London businesses have a similar level of digital support as businesses located in Manchester and Birmingham, for example.

London storage companies can give businesses that all important support they need when it comes to information security and with many first rate facilities offering their clients top of the range security measures London businesses can be rest assured their data is in safe hands.

Competitive storage facilities are also becoming more digital savvy to keep up with the changing demands of London companies and can provide their clients with the security they need whether they chose to store their information in digital or manual formats.

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Benefits of Storing Offsite

Businesses in London are competing in a crowded market, whether it is in law, finance, recruitment or any other the sectors London is becoming known for, companies are increasingly having to find innovative ways to get ahead of their competitors in the capital.

An offsite storage company could give a business the boost it needs – with its expertise in document management it could help a business improve its organisation and efficiency in day-to-day business operations.

What’s more, a document storage company could be a lifeline in a time of disaster, whether it be a cyber hack or a flood, a storage facility will be there to help a business get back up and running by providing employees with that all important backup data that is vital for business continuity.

London is an unforgiving city when it comes to business and not effectively backing up data could be disastrous for a newly established company.

Londoners will often grumble that they have it harder than their other compatriots: expensive real estate, higher living costs and a city that is known for its frosty receptions. However, when it comes to document storage Londoners have a lot to be happy about.