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Self-Storage Prices: How much Should Self-Storage Cost?

by securedatamgt | 19 May 2015

Padlocked Storage Room

Self-storage is a fantastic way of getting rid of all that unnecessary clutter that tends to fill-up homes and offices across the UK. Historically self-storage was often associated with being a vacuum for unwanted and unused items, but now many customers trust facilities with their most valuable objects.

Valuable paintings and artefacts are becoming ever more frequent objects placed in self-storage facilities. Not to mention the vast collections of archives belonging to some of the most successful businesses in the country. Fortunately for customers, whilst the cost of items stored in facilities has risen, self-storage prices have not (if you look beyond traditional options).

The Self-Storage Benefits

As well as cost savings, the industry is consistently surprising new customers with extra perks such as:

  • Onsite car parking
  • Flexible contracts
  • Top of the range security measures
  • Barcode tracking
  • Fire detection systems
  • Access to an online database
  • Units located in highly accessible locations

With the many benefits that London self storage units now offer it is no wonder that many still assume self-storage is a costly venture. However, the self-storage industry is constantly evolving and becoming ever more competitive. What’s more, the main purpose a self-storage facility should be to save customers money on extra space, which is why the industry is flourishing, particularly in expensive London.

A self-storage company will also protect items against environmental damage and reduce the risk of theft.

As already mentioned the cost-effectiveness of self storage is partially due to the proliferation of facilities across the U.K and rising popularity of self-storage. Some facilities will now collect your items for storage free of charge and deliver them back to you whenever you need them. This saves you the hassle (and petrol money) of having to come deliver and collect items yourself.

Gone are the days when storage facilities were few and far between.

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Flexible Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities know how often a customers’ storage requirements might change; everyday events in the life of a customer such as marriage, starting a business or moving house are likely to necessitate changes to their storage needs.

Storage companies should offer its customers flexible contracts whereby users do not have to pay extortionate prices for expanding their storage space. What’s more, a company should have a range of different sized storage spaces available so its customers pay for only the storage they need.

Top class facilities will not make their customers agree to minimum stay policies or eye-watering termination fees either so no one will  be made to store their items for longer than they have to.

On Demand Self-Storage

Facilities that are looking to go the extra mile might offer customers their very own digital database. For example, Boxman has a system that enables customers to call back their items and monitor their valuables whilst they are stored offsite. This type of system saves the time and money required to travel to a facility to check up on items.

When customers put their items into storage for a long period of time – sometimes up to decades at a time – it is quite easy for them to then forget what is there and this database will act as a helpful reminder.

When it comes to paying for storage most facilities will give their customers a straightforward invoice every month with no hidden and unexpected fees. Competitive facilities should always prioritise transparent pricing.

Self-storage companies rely on customer loyalty for their businesses’ prosperity and therefore they will typically provide the best service they can for every user.

Customers new and old should expect high quality service and competitive self-storage prices that are worthy of the service provided.