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Retention Policy Implementation

Our Free, Secure File Destruction Policy

After countless audits which we have conducted at Secure Data Management on behalf of our existing and new clients, we found that there were an extraordinary amount of records which were kept unnecessarily by many companies which could easily be destroyed. This prompted us to initiate a project into the matter and sought independent studies to assist us to create a policy that could help introduce best practices for all new clients that we acquired. One article that we found particularly interesting was written in the Legal Technology Insider publication, which we located on the Legal RM website.  It’s primary focus was on wastage and overspend by London based law firms, which represents a high proportion of Secure Data Management’s client composition.

In summary the study found the following:

  • 70% of law firms did not have an adequate destruction policy
  • 50% of items stored could be disposed of immediately

In addition to this, changes to the Data Protection Act stipulate that it may be illegal to keep personal information unnecessarily, therefore a clear retention policy should be employed by any company or organisation that keeps records, and we feel that records management companies should not actively discourage best practices at the very least, if we are truly to work in partnership with our clients.

Secure Data Management have taken this a step forward by offering a free secure file destruction policy for suitable new clients, which can be incorporated into the document storage agreement.  The full agreement is of course priced on a case by case  basis to ensure that we meet the balance between making it financially viable for both parties whilst employing the best possible practices before a single file enters any of our data centres.

Most providers will layer on additional unnecessary costs for a secure file destruction service to either discourage the practice or to simply profit from the exercise. Check your terms and conditions with your current provider and contact us to see how much you could be saving with Secure Data Management.

Offsite File Audits

Our unique archival management system, alongside our web-based portal, enables you to set “review dates” for your documents on a per file or per box basis. This means we are continually auditing to prevent unnecessary bloating and cost inflation caused by legacy documents that have passed their minimum retention period.

When this date is reached we will send you an automatic audit report and, upon your confirmation, will securely shred these files and provide you with a certificate of destruction for your records. All destruction records are uniquely identifiable and thus traceable at a later date.

This is one of the many ways in which we save you an average on 30% of your offsite storage costs per annum.

Confidential File Shredding for non-Clients

SDM also provide secure file destruction services for other companies throughout London and UK. Whether or not your are a storage client of ours, we are happy to come to your offices and help you dispose of your documents in an environmentally friendly manner.


  • We will supply you with industrial secure file destruction sacks.
  • Each destruction sack can hold approximately 4 boxes worth of files.
  • Our charge per sack averages £4-6 depending upon your office location.
  • We provide certificates for this file destruction.
  • Destruction certificates act as proof of secure disposal and actively recycling.

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