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Free Secure Shredding Bins

Secure Shredding Made Easy

Our new shredding bin is the quickest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way of keeping your office clear of clutter.

Secure Data Management is delighted to announce our new range of confidential destruction bins to our clients and UK businesses. We believe this to be a truly hassle free, inexpensive and reliable alternative to traditional secure shredding services.

Simply request the quantity of confidential shredding bins that you require and we will deliver them straight to your office.

Free Shredding Bin

Each recycle friendly bin contains a heavy-duty destruction sack that we will collect upon request and replace at no cost. All bags are individually sealed with a unique security tag, transported in ‘green’ LPG powered SDM vehicles to our data-centres and shredded to the highest destruction standards in the UK.

Secure destruction certificates are provided for the contents of each bag that we have shredded. They contain a unique identifier code for your auditing records. Best of all, if you are a Secure Data Management client we will provide as many boxes as you require and collect them free of charge!

Shred Volume

Each shredding sack measures 18 x 29 x 39 inches – equivalent to roughly 55 litres or 2 cubic feet of volume. With real estate at a premium in London, optimising the value of your office space is essential so that resources can be more effectively utilized. We see this unobtrusive bin as the perfect solution to meet these needs.

Why Choose This Bin?

Many will testify that 150-litre lockable plastic bins are expensive and a little extreme for their requirements. This Secure Data Management shredding bin is the perfect alternative; it is reusable, eye-catching and can be placed at multiple points throughout your offices without creating a huge eyesore in your working environment.

As well as optimising office space, we envision this service aiding companies in abiding by records disposal guidelines under the Data Protection Act. Not only that, but every element of the shred bin takes into account the environmental impact of the destruction process. This includes the box itself, which is made from 75% recycled material. It therefore demonstrates your commitment to reducing your corporate carbon footprint.


If you are an existing Secure Data Management client we will collect all of your confidential paper for shredding free of charge when we collect your archive storage boxes. The cost to securely shred your documents and provide a confidential destruction certificate is £5.00 per bag.

If you’d like to try out these shredding bins in your offices, just get in touch and we will provide the quantity that you require by the next working day.