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Document Retrieval Service

Our Retrieval Solutions:

Standard Service: Order by 5:30 pm for a next day delivery by 9.00 am, or a 30 minute window to suit you.
Emergency Service: A 4-hour emergency delivery ordered at any time.


Secure Data Management operates the O’Neil barcode and records management software that allows us to track an individual box or file at every stage of the retrieval and storage process. O’Neil is a specialist records management software provider who have over 700 clients across the world. Their resources, technology and support are therefore unrivalled.

Watch our videos below to get a step-by-step breakdown demonstrating the simplicity of ordering your boxes through the O’Neil Software interface.

Lodging a Storage Box for Collection

Requesting A Box or File for Retrieval

Once an order is placed internally with your archives department a search is instigated for each file or box required. Once the items have been found, they can be automatically requested online. No more missing faxes!

Each box or file is then picked from the relevant box or shelf position, bar coded and made ready for the delivery service required.

Alongside unique identifying barcodes, we can create custom fields on our online records management database to suit your specific requirements. This can be performed per department and will greatly assist in fast lookups, achieving an easy retrieval process from our web-based document management platform. The stages of lodging and retieving boxes and individual files using this software are outlined as follows:

Lodging New Records for Off-Site Storage

  • A unique O’Neil bar code, supplied by us, is attached to the box or file.
  • The records are then loaded in a secure bay for collection at your sites.
  • Your staff simply notify us via the web management system of the box numbers to be collected.
  • Our driver arrives with a goods out note detailing the boxes to be collected.
  • The boxes are logged by our driver using a GPRS handheld scanner.
  • This is immediately updated onto our main system in real-time.
  • A member of your staff signs for the box for collection.
  • On arrival at our facilities, boxes are scanned to a ‘goods in’ holding area.
  • All boxes are checked, then placed in their permanent storage locations.
  • The location barcode is scanned, followed by the box barcode.
  • This information is wirelessly updated on our main system.

Retrieval Process for a Box to your Office

You can rapidly retrieve you records from our data-centres in just a couple simple steps:

Your staff would search our web-based software for the box using the pre-defined field data. Once the box is identified, the order is confirmed via our web-based software. On the order confirmation an audit trail is created, the delivery location is chosen and the ‘requestor’ is detailed.
Each box travels with a copy of the ‘goods out’ documentation, which also details the ‘requestor’ for easy of identification upon arrival. Each box that is ‘out’ has a full audit trail including the person who requested it. The delivery process is the reverse of the collection process.

If you have any problems understanding the elements of the retrieval and collection processes the Secure Data Management operations team is always at hand to help. Drop us an email any time.