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Airplane London

Heathrow Hang-Ups: Environmental Data Frustrates UK Businesses

The UK government has once again postponed the decision whether to expand Heathrow airport. A decision on whether to give Heathrow its’ much awaited third runway was supposed to be announced...

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Content Management System

A Content Management System that Proves Paper is Sticking Around

At a recent technology, entertainment and design conference in Vancouver Arrigo Berni, the chief executive of notebook distributor Moleskine, told the audience: “Paper will always be around. It...

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Flooded House Sandbags

UK Winter Storms: Business Continuity Planning for This Winter

It’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, the nights are longer and the weather is becoming more unforgiving. It seems that the winter storms that...

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Bank of England

Bank of England – Why Disaster Recovery is More Important Than Ever

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has warned businesses of the risks associated with climate change and how the instability caused by our more extreme weather is...

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Data Security

What is Data Security?

Some businesses will use the reassuring words ‘data security’ with their clients and investors without really understanding what it is or how it can be achieved. An understanding...

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Backup Drive

5 Free Backup Software Solutions Worth Trying

Effective backup solutions don’t have to be a major business expense. Commercial grade backup software used to be the only reliable option for secure data storage and retention, but those days are long...

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