Document Storage

Lever Arch Files on Shelves

Cheap Office Storage Solutions: How to Reduce Business Overheads

In the past decade office space has become increasingly costly. This is especially true in London, where office rents rose by 4% in 2014 due an increase in demand....

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Padlocked Storage Room

5 Reasons to Love Self Storage Facilities

Self storage is steadily becoming more popular in the UK as businesses and individuals discover how reliable and it is to use. Many of us struggle daily with our...

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Document Management Word Cloud

3 Advantages of a Centralised Filing System

Many companies will keep their respective departments’ files in different locations. Whether this is out of convenience or habit will vary according to circumstance. However, what can be known...

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Financial File Archive

Businesses and Their Customers Continue to Rely on Paper

Whilst businesses make a shift towards to digital documents, their customers continue to prefer paper transactions. It would seem that the printed page is still not forgotten and...

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Long Wheel Based Transit Van

What to do Before Sending Documents Offsite

The most beneficial aspect of sending documents to offsite storage is that the workload associated with document organisation and storage is taken off your hands. The business no longer...

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Data Protection Word Cloud

The Road to Data Protection Reforms

In 1995 the European Union first implemented data protection regulations for its 15 Member States. Now 18 years later, with EU membership totalling 28 countries, the European Commission...

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