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7 Reasons To Consider Using An Offsite Storage Vendor

by securedatamgt | 05 Feb 2014

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Offsite Storage – Why Make The Change?

An office can be a stressful and demanding environment at the best of times, and managing your documents alongside your clients can lead to chaos. Clients expect the highest standard of organisation and files in disarray will leave them unimpressed – especially files that might contain their own confidential information.

Any institution, whether it is a school, hospital or law firm should look to provide their clients with a first class service. An offsite storage vendor can help you deliver just that. An offsite storage vendor can provide services for all your document storage needs, whether you are storing paper or digital copies. Offsite storage companies can provide your organisation with document security, on-going maintenance and accessibility.

1.)   Security

These days a filing cabinet under lock and key is not sufficient enough as a lone method of security. Offices, in particular, are busy environments and a missing file could easily go unnoticed. It is an organisations responsibility to keep its confidential information safe and so suitable precautions should be taken to make sure that certain files have restricted access.

Offsite storage vendors can offer 24 hour manned security using CCTV and can restrict who has access to files. This includes digital files that can contain full audit trails as metadata, by using a solution such as an electronic document management system (EDMS). Every file that is retrieved at Secure Data Management is required to have a full audit trail, including the person who requested it for optimal security.

2.)   Enhanced data control

Having your files onsite may seem convenient when it comes to file retrieval. However, locating a single file in a disorganised office space could take a member of your staff hours, especially if it is a file that has not be used for some time.

Offsite storage vendors can provide a same day file retrieval service for their clients. With the use of  barcode tracking systems file retrieval has never been more efficient. Secure Data Management offers three flexible retrieval options: standard service, priority same-day service, and emergency service (within four hours).

3.)   Legal compliance & risk

With such a wide variety of documents belonging to any single organisation it can become a lengthy process determining which files are to be retained – and for how long. A breach of the Data Protection Act can lead to an organisation being fined up to £500,000. A lack of DPA compliance has been recently demonstrated by a case involving Google. The search engine is expecting a fine enforced by the High Court for allegedly breaching section 13 of the DPA.

An offsite storage vendor can prevent your company from facing the hassle of legal fees by providing a full document auditing service. This can determine the retention lifecycle of each record type and therefore when the file should be destroyed. At Secure Data Management all confidential files can be securely destroyed using their shredding service.

4.)   Improved workflow

Efficient indexing is vital for the proper organisation of files. It can make file retrieval a far quicker procedure. The expertise required for thorough indexing means that an offsite storage vendor is desirable for the management and organisation of your documents.

5.)   Time & cost savings

In the long term using offsite storage can be exceedingly profitable. Apart from all the evaded legal fees, by choosing the right offsite storage facility you could make extra savings and avoid hidden costs. Picking a storage company that does not surcharge is vital for any company that is looking to save money.

Luckily, there are offsite storage companies that can help you save money. Secure Data Management only charge customers with one fixed payment by collecting and delivering documents at the same time. SDM does not charge its customers with unnecessary and punitive permanent withdrawal fees. Secure Data Management on average can save its clients upwards of 30% on its document storage costs.

6.)   Maintenance & protection

Any environmental damage inflicted on your files could create an administrative nightmare. This is why offsite storage vendors endeavour to create the most suitable environment for your documents. Some methods of achieving this include fire-and-flood-proof-facilities in operation alongside climate-controlled rooms.

Not all storage vendors have the adequate facilities to protect your documents from physical damage. In 2006, an Iron Mountain storage facility in London was host to a fire that engulfed all of the businesses’ documents, including those belonging to top London law firms.

7.)   Professional assistance

Committed offsite storage vendors can provide excellent customer service, making the transition from local to offsite storage a breeze. With 25 years experience, Secure Data Management offers businesses a confidential storage consultation for all of their offsite storage requirements. Offsite storage can be a daunting transition but a consultation can help you find the best deal – tailored for your storage needs.

Offsite storage vendors can facilitate diversity and can meet the requirements of a variety of sectors, from medical to law. This can make them the ideal solution for any organisation looking to expand, without encountering many of the pitfalls of archive management.

Considering using an offsite storage company? Be sure that they follow records management best practices. For more information take a look this post: indentifying good document storage companies