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Government Records Storage

Public Sector Storage

At Secure Data Management (SDM) we have over 25 years of experience in outsourcing organisations’ document storage. We discovered that a great deal of organisations have been paying up to 60% more than they needed to for their storage requirements. SDM has the expertise to provide the best service to councils and the government, meeting their archiving needs and keeping costs to a minimum.

At SDM we understand that council and government documents must be kept confidential so that they do not risk violating the Data Protection Act. We offer comprehensive file audits that will keep costs down, by destroying redundant documents when a retention date is passed. If a record is held offsite with us for more than 6 years, we provide this destruction service for free.

Retention Policies

Here are a few examples of council and government records storage retention dates:

  • Summary certification of those eligible to vote – permanently
  • The corporate planning and reporting activities of local authorities – permanently
  • The process of designing setting information for publication – 3 years
  • Marketing documents from campaigns and events – permanently
  • Advice – offering legal advice on a point of law – 6 years
  • Taxation records – 5 years

Why store Government/Council documents with us?

At SDM we strive to make our clients’ lives simpler by doing the majority of the work for them. We can complete your file audit and also offer Free Shredding Bins so that redundant records can be disposed of securely. Once the audit is done we will label each file with one of our unique O’Neil barcodes so that when they are sent to storage they can easily be recalled.

We take our clients privacy and security seriously by storing our documents in ex-MOD buildings, all of which are safety and environmentally assessed on a quarterly basis.

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